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Stop Fertilizing 


In the winter months many houseplants go dormant and their growth is at a standstill (not all, but most). This is due to the long winter nights, shorter days which equals to less sunlight. I call this the "off season." Plants don't tend to grow as much during this time of year. If you do fertilize, do it sparingly.   

Clean your Leaves!


Houseclean your plant sis ! They will love you for it ! Remove any dust, debris or pests. This will help the plant breath. Use a cotton cloth to clean your leaves and for larger plants you can place them in the bathtub or shower. Use the showered to rinse the leaves and let the water drain through!  



In the winter there are less hours of sunlight. We have one job to do for our plant babies. Follow the sun. Relocation may be necessary in order to get the full benefits of Mr. Sun. Watch out for nay drafts from the window. If all else fails you can also purchase a growlight!. 


P L A N T C A R E 

for the Winter



Reduce Water


Although you enjoy the task of watering your plants so frequently, you might want to hold off on that during the cold winter months. Since your plants aren’t using much energy during this time of year, they don’t need as much water as they normally would. 

Plants experience a slower rate of growth during the cold  winter months.Overwatering plants in the winter can lead to root rot and we don't want that sis! 

Remember that each plant requires different watering routines. So adjust this step in the winter and your plants will continue to thrive. Spring is almost here, we are counting down the days with you! 

Increase Humidity

Untitled design-5.png

Low humidity can be a big problem when you start using a heater frequently.

When of if your plants display symptoms like brown edges, or wilting you might want to raise the humidity levels. 

Here are some easy ways to increase humidity:

  • Misting plants (this is only temporary)

  • Grouping plants

  • Greenhouse environment (Ikea & Amazon have some great mini greenhouses)

  • Humidifier 

  • Moving plants in the bathroom (make sure there is sunlight-when you take a shower, your plants will get a boost of humidity)



Ever heard of transpiration? Transpiration is the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from the leaves. About 3% of the water we give plants are used for growth and metabolism. 97% is lost by transpiration. Amazing right? Therefore, grouping our plants together increases the level of humidity significantly. 

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