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New Plant Mom?

Whether you are new to the plant life or not, here are some easy starter plants that will bring you less stress and more greenery. These plants require minimum care and are rated hard to kill, making them our favorite go-to plants. 

IG: @hermeraki

ZZ plant

ZZ plants can take low light areas and tolerate a drought. This beauty is known for its waxy-like leaves.

origin: East Africa

-easy for beginners

-an air purifier

-allow the top soil to become dry before watering

IG: @photogenicsynthesis

This fast growing low-maintenance plant is ideal for every beginner. Its nickname is the Trailing plant because it renders long strings of heart-shape greenery.

origin:  Southeast Asia

-thrives in bright, indirect light

- can survive dry soil

-can withstand infrequent waterings

IG: @growwithari
IG: @plantn_ash

Spider Plant 

With spider plants, less is more. It can withstand different types of light and doesn't need a regular watering schedule. If you are a busy mom like me and forget to water your plants, this plant will still show you grace.

origin: South Africa

-adapts to its environment.

-needs bright light

-needs to be in a porous pot with drainage holes.

-never let your plant sit in standing water.

Snake Plant 

This dramatic inexpensive beauty is a must have. Snake plants are good air purifiers. They thrive in bright or low light areas however, they do tend to grow faster in direct sunlight.

Origin: West Africa

(*)These plants are toxic and may be harmful to cats and dogs if consumed. 
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