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Artist Corner

Olivia Georgette

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NYC-based artist & entrepreneur Olivia Georgette uses her art to promote self-love, plant love, body positivity, and black & brown beauty. 


The Caribbean American artist currently owns and runs a full-service Art and Design Studio based in Long Island, New York. She believes in the beauty of the journey- the creative process and all it encompasses from a simple concept all the way to its final product.

Her brand is rooted in the philosophy that creativity comes from deep within and embodies everything we are and her mission is to improve representation and create a space for reimagining and representing people of color.


Olivia obtained her degree in Graphic Design and digital media. She began her career as a digital artist, she now creates beyond the screen. Her art has expanded to canvases, hand-painted bags, plant pots, ceramic coasters, shoes, apparel, and anything she can get her hands on. Olivia is constantly growing and evolving. She has hand-painted hundreds of original pieces and continues to showcase her work all over the east coast.

We are excited to share Olivia's gifts with our community and highlight her unique art. It is without a doubt that she is a talented devoted artist and entrepreneur. To find out more about Olivia and her work please visit
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