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Hey Plant Mama! I am Clarissa, an entrepreneur, content creator and the founder of Black Plant Moms. I started this platform in 2020 in hopes of encouraging plant moms on their journey. My earliest memory of plants was with my Mother. She was a avid gardener and lover of all things green. I can recall her singing while she watered plants on our front porch. The sound of her sweet voice still resonates with me. I would like to think that I inherited my green thumb from her. 


As I got older, plant care became my form of self care. The routine of caring for a plant and watching it thrive brings so much happiness and a sense of empowerment. The life lessons I learned throughout this journey are countless. Plants teach us so many things like patience, turning towards the sun, and how to thrive and adapt to the changing seasons. My hope is to continue to build a community of plant lovers and share the importance of plants. 



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